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The Egyptian standards are the approved technical legislation upon which all stakeholders agree to apply them without breaching their transparency and neutrality. The Central Department for Standardization carries out, through the General Department for Standards and the General Department for Measurements, the activity of developing and issuing the Egyptian standards as well as studying the international and foreign standards and providing the means for achieving benefit in the framework of setting and developing the Egyptian standards with a view to upgrading the local production to the international level and raising its competitiveness, in addition to conducting researches and studies related to international and regional organizations, following up the activities of technical committees in which EOS is a member as well as studying the Arab standards and activating the issuance of unified Arab/ Egyptian draft standards. until 2004, EOS has issued about 5000 Egyptian standards covering all the different industrial sectors besides,  about 1000 draft standards in the different stages in the fields of (food products- chemical products and construction materials and refractories – textile products- engineering products – communications and medical equipment – metrology and measurement methods and equipment – safety and security systems – quality and environmental systems – documentation and information – communication systems- consumer affairs)

Standards are an active way to achieve many important aims as follows:

Increasing productive capability and improving the product quality in the various fields.

Simplicity and mutuality.

Safety , health , protection of life and environment.

Consumer and producer protection .

Communication and understanding between stakeholders in the commercial and industrial activities.

Reducing costs and complete saving in human effort ,materials and energy.

Increasing competitiveness of the Egyptian products in the local and international markets.

to trade and reducing disputes.

The duties and responsibilities of the General Department for Standards and the General Department for Measurements are identified according to the decrees and regulations related to establishing and organizing EOS as follows :


Developing Egyptian standards for industrial raw materials, substances, products commodities and equipment, industrial processes as well as the standard methods of analysis, testing and conformity along with technical terms, definitions and symbols.

Proposing the formation of specialized technical committees to set up the Egyptian draft standards and conduct the relevant technical studies.

Undertaking the technical secretariat of specialized committees and conducting the required technical studies for developing Egyptian draft standards .

Contributing in the activity of organizations and research centers and local labs concerned with developing standards , coordinating between them and directing them to achieve the aims of standardization

Providing technical consultations related to overcoming the technological problems facing the stages of industrial production related to conformity of standards as well as updating these standards to cope with the new techniques of industry.


Contributing in establishing the required sections for standards in establishments and industrial companies and supplying them with information and studies related to standards, testing methods and the relevant local and international terms.

Revising governmental procurement standards and unifying them to cope with the technological possibilities of local industries to fulfil the governmental organizations needs and provide technical comment in respect of these standards and rules of approval and refusal.

Contributing in preparing training programmes related to specialists concerned with developing standards whether in EOS or in companies or governmental organizations or corresponding Arab organizations .

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