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Releasing a new amendment for National Quality Infrastructure Book


This book is prepared to describe briefly the pillars of the National Quality Infrastructure in Egypt, and the services of the entities and institutions.

A technical quality infrastructure is a combination of initiatives, institutions, organizations, activities and competent persons. It includes a national quality policy and institutions to implement it, a regulatory framework, quality service providers, enterprises, customers and consumers (who include citizens as “consumers” of government services).

Setting up a Quality Infrastructure System is one of the most positive and practical steps that a developing nation can take on the path forward to developing a thriving economy as a basis for prosperity, health and well-being. 

A Quality Infrastructure is a system contributing to governmental policy objectives in areas including industrial development, trade competitiveness in global markets, efficient use of natural and human resources, food safety, health, environment and climate change. It offers a complete package addressing the needs of the nation’s citizens, of customers and consumers, and of enterprises and other organizations that offer them products and services. The Quality Infrastructure System covers essential aspects such as policy, institutions, service providers, and the value-adding use of international standards and conformity assessment procedures, along with accreditation to ensure competence of conformity assessment bodies.

The National Quality Infrastructure is the institutional framework that establishes and implements the practice of standardization, including conformity assessment services, metrology, accreditation and market surveillance.

We would like to present this book in collaboration with the International Trade Centre, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS), and the Engineering Export Council of Egypt to be a guiding hand for exporters and importers to enhance trade exchange.

Breif about the book Amendment:

This first amendment is related to data about "Chemical Administration" and it illustrates detailed data about their contact details, and also data about their laboratory and tests.