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Consumer Protection Unit

Consumer Protection Unit is a unit established by EOS due to its major role in protecting consumers' health and safety in

cooperation with Consumer Protection Agency& concerned parties. A group of specialists in the field of consumer protection

and awareness carry out the work of the unit.

Unit objectives:

Working in cooperation with the Consumer Protection Agency to solve the consumer problems and complaints in respect of

goods and products related to security and health through the technical inspection of goods in which complaints have been

submitted from Consumer Protection Agency and providing a technical report about them to the agency.

- Participation in consumer's awareness through consumer Bulletin, conferencesand seminars .

- Participating in the protection of misleading advertisements and simulated claims through issuing the relevant concerned


Unit activities :

- Connection with producers or promoters of goods or service providers (the source of the complaint) to investigate the

validity of the complaint, and try to remove its causes. This may lead to the formation of a concerned committee of EOS

specialized experts to undertake this issue.

- In some cases, subscription is with one of otherconsumerprotection concerned bodies (Ministry of Health / Supply /

Industrial Control) in solving and removing the causes of the 


- Editing and preparing relevant materials for the monthly bulletin "Consumer" issued by EOS, as well as editing the consumer

column issued by EOS's magazine "World of standards and quality". Besides, editing the articles published in some

newspapers on consumer.

- Assuming the Technical Secretariat of the Egyptian International Committee of Consumer Affairs "COPOLCO".

Consumer rights endorsed by the United Nations:

- Giving consumers a guarantee certificate when they buy product or commodities.

-Tobe informed of the relevant specifications of the commodity.

-To have the freedom to choose.

-To have the right to complain in case of the presence of any defect in the goods.

-The commodity should fulfill consumer's basic needs.

-To be compensated in case of receiving a defective product.

-To be aware how to evaluate the commodity accurately.

-To live in a healthy environment.

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