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Procedures for approving the whole electric vehicle​


The company presents the technical file containing

 - E-MARK certificates or international test reports for components (for imported component)

- Battery inspection report issued by the General Authority for Export and Import Control (GOIEC).

- A speedometer calibration certificate issued by the National Calibration Institute (in the absence of a test report from an accredited international body)

- A certificate of approval and validity for the whole vehicle to be approved from an authority acceptable to EOS.

- Test reports from a body acceptable to the Authority confirming that the vehicle meets the requirements for dynamic performance, safety and movement on       roads in accordance with the relevant standard specifications

which is as the following  :

  1. 1.  Testing of vehicle turning ability and off –tracking

  2. 2.  Testing of vehicle grade parking performance             

  3. 3.  Testing of vehicle acceleration 

  4. 4.  Evaluation of vehicle max speed 

  5. 5.  Testing of vehicle lane change

  6. 6.  Testing of brake system  performance effectiveness