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Vision Statement 

Where do we want to be in the future?

Be the preferred  service provider for Standardization and Conformity Assessment for Egypt, Middle East and Africa

How will we achieve this?

1.Provide value added services to all our stakeholders (including staff, industry )

2.Promoting  the use of standards  in line with International best practice (WTO TBT, ISO)

3.Developing ourselves as Centre(s) of Excellence in Supporting national projects and international interests

4. Promoting awareness and wider access to our services internally and externally

5.Working to realize our dream of being self-financing

When will we achieve this?

- 2021 (5yrs)

- 2021

- 2018

- 2018

- 2017/2018

- 2017 - 2021

*Preferred means we will be high quality service and accredited*


Standards Strategy for Egyptian Organization for Standardization &Quality