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EOS Tasks & activities

- Representing Egypt in the membership of international and regional organizations concerned with  standards, quality, measurements and metrology.

- Representing Egypt in the membership of African Regional Organization for Standardization(ARSO) Board of Directors as well as the active participation in the various activities of the relevant Technical Committees.

- Representing Egypt in the membership of the Standards & Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries(SMIIC)Board of Directors as well as the active participation in the various activities of the relevant Technical Committees.

- Developing and issuing Egyptian standards.  

- Granting license for quality mark and conformity certificates for the Egyptian products in the various fields.  

- Providing technical consultancy and support in the fields of standards and quality,measurement & calibration.

- Calibration of measurement  equipment  and testing for companies and industrial establishments.  

- Carrying out Laboratory testing and inspection of products.

- Providing information for the concerned bodies in the fields of standards, quality, measurements and metrology.  

- Providing training courses for technicians working in competent industrial authorities and other  relevant concerned bodies on all the relevant standardization activities;such as quality, inspection,testing,measuring and calibration practically & theoretically via EOS Training Center.

- Qualifying establishments for applying quality, environment and safety systems.

- Undertaking the responsibility of the enquiry point relevant to Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT).

- Participating in the work of voting process of  relevant draft international standards issued by ISO.

- Participating in the work of CODEX Alimentarious Commission.

- Implementing the activities of quality management systems and environmental management systems and consumers' issues corresponding to ISO committees.  

- Carrying out the activities of the national COPOLCO Committee.  

- Issuing the unified Arab standards in cooperation with the Arab Industrial, Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO).


The short run plans:

- Reviewing & updating all the issued Egyptian standards according to the latest international relevant references.

- Coping with the global developments in respect of harmonization with international standards, quality systems, testing, metrology and conformity.  

- The standards should abide by safety, health and environmental terms.

- Conformity with the TBT Agreement.

- Establishing new branches for EOS in the main industrial blocks in the following cities: (6th of October – 10th of Ramadan – Borg El Arab – El Sadat – Asiout – Aswan).

- Updating and developing EOS testing labs to carry out all the relevant tests as stipulated in the Egyptian and international standards,besides mechanizing the methods of work in these labs to increase the accuracy of the results.  

- Accrediting EOS labs so as its results would be internationally recognized.

Continuous updating and developing through accomplishing the following projects:

-The Project of establishing testing lab for LED lamps.

- The inauguration of new laboratories concerned with energy efficiency testing and performance for fans.
- Establishing a station  to benefit from solar energy.

- Orgnizational Twinning Project at EOS to ensure the progress of its performance in all its activities (Standards, Quality ang conformity assessment).

- Benefiting from the component concerned with support of developing national standards activity & developing the organizational structure for conformity assessment activity, allocated to EOS in the framework of promoting trade TOMEP, financed by European Union.

- Developing the organizational and functional structure.

- Increasing the revenues and the production through performance equilibration.

- Establishing a website for consumers' services.


Long run plans:  

- Increasing EOS performance to be correspondent to relevant standardization bodies in developing countries.  

- Qualifying EOS testing and metrology testing labs to be the central regional labs at the Arab region.

- Establishing branches for EOS in all industrial and service blocks.  

- Changing EOS to be an economical body with a self resources and special panels.

- Accrediting Training & Consultant Center as a regional center to serve relevant concerned parties in the fields of standards & quality in the Arab & African region.