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Definition of the Committee

Establishment :

- Egypt  acquired to the membership of the International Committee of the Codex (codex) since 1972.

-The  Ministerial Decree No. 586/1973 has beenIssued for the formation of the Egyptian Committee for codex to be

corresponding to the International Committee  for the Codex "CODEX" affiliated to  the Food and Agriculture Organization

(FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) under the chairmanship of the Egyptian organization for Standards and


Because of  the rapid and successive  developments at the international levels, and in belief of the importance of keeping up

with what is new and modern in the food industry and confirming on production quality and  promoting it to the required levels

of developments, the - Ministerial Decree No. 59/1988 was issued on 13.1.1988 - reforming the Egyptian  committee of Codex

to have on its membership the new experts owners of active bodies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the



- Taking into account  in the formation of the Egyptian Committee for codex to be representing relevant ministries

(health / agriculture / industry and commerce / Electricity and Energy, research centers, universities, regulators and

consumer protection associations, the Chamber of Food Industries and Trade Agreement Sector, Companies for food

manufacturing ) of the public sector and the private business  along with  industrialists with experience and competence in

the field of food processing and output quality.

Tasks and goals

- studying the international standardsdrafts received from the Secretariat of the International committee of codex"and

 commenting  on them  in light of the potential and local conditions, along with the impact of these standards on

manufacturing activity and production processes, export and import, taking into account the contribution of this activity in

solving problems and obstacles relatedfood industries in Egypt.

- studying the problems facing the national industry to develop ways to solve and eliminate them and provide the necessary

technical consultancy in this regard.

- The nomination of the Egyptian delegation who attend meetings of sub-committees of the International Committee of

Codex "CODEX" and following-up activities of the international committees through reports from each session to keep up

with all that is new and modern in the food industry and their implications for international trade.

- The formation of sub-committees of the Egyptian codex Committee  like the sub-committees of the International

Committee of the Codex (CODEX), in various sectors of the food industry.

- The organization of seminars, conferences and targeted programs that serve the food industry in order to activate the

Egyptian exports to foreign markets.

- Issuing the Newsletter (quarterly) from the Egyptian Committee of codex , which includes the achievements of the

Committee in order to spread awareness among consumerswith a focus on topics that deal with food product quality and

safety and the right of citizens to have to safe and healthyfood as well as publish all updates in the field food legislation, in

addition to all the latest developments on the international scene (CODEX).

- Issuing legislation and laws aimed at protecting consumers from unhealthy practices and the development of guidelines and

regulations which will ensure food safety offered to consumer.

- To protect the Reputation of  Egypt on the international level through  giving attention to the topics that are discussed

during the meetings of the International Committee of the "CODEX" and Egypt'scomments on them which is reflected, on

the decisions and recommendations taken during these meetings.

- Focusing on the quality of food products to strengthen their competitiveness  with international products,encouraging

exports and opening of new markets for Egyptian products.


the Holding Company for Food Industries and its subsidiaries operating in the food industry, as well as other relevant

companies cover the aspects of exchange assessed on the Main Committee and sub-committees emanating from it and all

Group activities and research in accordance with arrangements made by and decided by the Committee.