The quality of the infrastructure project

project name:

The quality of the infrastructure project to support sustainable economic development and trade capacity.

Project Scope :

Improving the national quality systems because of  improving their services offer according to the international

requirements through :

•    sustainable economic development and quality infrastructure: This includes raising awareness and mixed training


•    promoting trade through quality these include  linking the quality infrastructure establishments to export and Export

Quality Management as well as cooperation with the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland (Export book)

•    The capacity of local quality infrastructure establishments including human capacity development and improving the

provided service from the local quality infrastructure establishments as well as achieving integration through regiona

l cooperation (technical assistance ) .

Beneficiaries / Participants Entities:

Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality

National Institute for metrology and calibration

Granting body :

German calibration PTB Institute, a governmental agency under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy