Arabic Translation Management Group (ATMG)

   Arabic Translation Management Group (ATMG)


About ATMG Committee

  he Arabic Translation Task Group(ATTG).held in Birmingham, England.

In October 2003, the International Technical Committee ISO / TC176 welcomed cooperation and coordination with the

international technical committee ISO / TC 207 to establish a common working group to translate the standards of quality

management systems ISO 9000 and Environmental Management System ISO14000 into Arabic, so as to ensure compatibility

and harmonization between the Arab versions for each  quality and environmental standards, and therefore  the working

group name and field has been modified to become Joint Arabic Translation Task Group (JATTG).

In 2006, the ISO adopted and published the first production of the Joint Arabic Translation Task Group

ISO 9000: 2000 \, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 9004.

 In March 2007 Technical management board issued the decision to establish the Arabic translation management group

according to  the request of the technical secretariat of the Arab translator Group (JATTG)  , in order to translate  and

issue any standards officially in Arabic and based on that the working group name and field has been modified to become


the Arabic Translation management Group, is a great Profit to the Arab trade and industry as this will contribute to spread

the culture of standards, quality , safety, environment and consumer protection.

the Arabic Translation management Group for ISO standards  is considered one of Translation Management Groups, which is

affiliated to  (ISO / TMB), In order to  approve the establishment of a group to manage the translation for one language

ISO approves the establishments of a new translation management group , if there are 5 P members at least officially have

the same language .

Message and Objectives :

-To make  The Arabic Language an official language in ISO

- Disseminating   the Concept and Culture of Quality , Environment , Conformity Assessment, social  responsibility and

international standards in industry, trade and services, to improve their competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally

as well as the encouraging  small and medium sized  industries to apply quality and environmental systems and obtain

international conformity certificates.

- Promoting harmonization in the concepts and terminology between different peoples, transferring of  knowledge and to /

from  Arabic language, Encouraging the translation in the field of standards and quality to the Arabic language and enriching

the Arabic library by publishing distinctive translation work, through the Arab standardization bodies and the Arab

Organization for Industrial Development and Mining.


- Arabic Translation Management Group

- Arabic Translation Management Group is affiliated to the Technical Management Board  subordinate Board Technical

Department Council of the ISO (ISO / TMB) and ISO require that there are ten Arab standardization bodies, at least; who

are P- members of ISO, for approval of the accreditation of the Arabic translation of the International Standards (ISO),

and the Technical Administrative Council of ISO form a group to prepare the Arabic translations and then formally


-The Group is considered as a connective point between the Central Secretariat of the ISO and the translation team(ATTF).

Responsibility of the  Translation Management group :

- Collecting  Arab standardization bodies requests for a standard  translation into Arabic

   - Determination of the available resources and the exact time that required  for the Translation.

-Providing the ISO Central Secretariat with reports confirming the accuracy of translations, through  five member bodies at

least where Arabic language is considered an additional language.

- Confirming the delivery of Translations to ISO central secretariat for publication  in electronic  form ready to be published

 and does not require any editorial review or even minimum interference from the ISO.

-The separation of the dispute  related to the accuracy of the official translation.

Submitting an action plan to the ISO/ TMB ,in addition to Submitting a report on the various activities carried out at least


Membership in the Arabic translation of management group is open to all Arabic standardization bodies and concerned


all the Arab standardization organizations and concerned  bodies have the right to  participate in the work of the Arabic

Translation Management Group.

Working Groups

The working groups is formed by The Translation Management Group to do specific tasks in the field of quality and

environmental systems standards , Conformity assessment , Social responsibility or otherwise.

Each team submits and presents the reports of the group work through a coordinator who is chosen by the Translation

Management Group . Working groups consist of a specified number of experts from the Arab standardization bodies, and to

be nominated through  the group meetings.

Committee Convenor : 

An expert chosen by the Arab standardization bodies for the presidency of the Arabic Translation Management Group, and

inform notifying    ISO with this.

He leads the Arabic Translation Management Group ISO / TMB / ATMG meetings, oversees the workflow, and coordinate

among members to prepare the necessary plans for continued development work and submits a future vision and proposals to

remove the obstacles that faces the Group.

Technical Secretariat

It’s the Standardization body which is chosen by the Arab standardization bodies to be responsible for providing technical or

administrative services to the Arabic translation management group ISO / TMB / ATMG; and ISO should be noticed  with


- Technical Secretariat should work  impartially and not be subject to the view of the country where they are.

- Providing  technical and administrative requirements of the working  group.

- Assuming  the responsibility of preparing reports on the progress of work and following up making every effort to carry out

the work and finish it as soon as possible, provided that implementing of these tasks electronically  as much as possible.

Performing these tasks in accordance with the instructions and decisions of the ISO.

  the Arabic translation management group secretary

 the person who is chosen by the technical Secretariat to be responsible for  the technical and administrative services which

is provided by the technical Secretariat

and he should fulfill the following requirements  conditions shall be obtained:

-To have sufficient knowledge of English.

- to be aware of the essential systems and rules of procedures for the group, as well as guide references related.

- To have the ability to express an opinion of the group on any topic related to the procedures or projects in coordination

with the committee convener . .

- To be aware of all the ISO Council and technical management board resolutions , with respect to the work of the Arabic

translation management group.

-to have a work organization  skills and to have the ability to provide training on the  administrative and technical work in

order to organize and manage the work of the group,  and he urge members of the group  and the team works to effectively

participate in the work achievement.

The secretariat of the group is responsible for the time of the implementation for :

•    Preparing the Committee drafts and distributing them to the Arabic standardization bodies for comments

•    Organizing the meetings including (meeting  agenda) ,distributing it – arranging and distributing the documents listed in

the agenda and compiling comments around )

•    Writing the decisions taken in the meeting and working on their implementation .

•     Preparing the meeting minutes 

•    Sending the meeting reports to the ISO ISO/TMB. .

•    Sending and receiving  quickly the documents and Correspondences .

•    Making calls via phone or fax or by e.mail 

•    Attending meeting required .and writing the meeting report .

•    Coordinating between the convener and the work groups

The organizational structure of the Arab Translation Management Group 

the Arabic Translation Management Group organizational structure is  as follows :

•    ISO technical management board 

•    the Arab Translation Management Group members *convener

 * Technical Secretariat

* the Arabic translation experts and Arabic countries representatives

*Arabic Translation Tasks Force(ATTF) as follows 

•    the Arabic Translation working Group for quality management systems standards that issued by ISO / TC 176

•    the Arab Translation working Group for environmental management systems standards that issued by ISO / TC 207

•    the Arab Translation working Group for ISO 26000 that issued by ISO (WGSR )

•    the Arab Translation working Group for standards and conformity assessments guides that issued by ISO / CASCO

•    - working groups in another fields :


The work procedures for the Arab Translation working Group 

•    Translating ISO standards as well as  the other publications  for example : the technical standards . technical reports ,

agreements concluded during  the workshops and standards guides in accordance with the work plan. …… etc .

The Arabic Translation working Group holds 2 meetings or at least 1 meeting  per year in Technical Secretariat office in

Egypt or in one of the Arab countries its date is determined by the convener 2 months before the meeting .

The Technical Secretariat  invite the Arab standardization bodies to participate in the meeting.

•    Translation management Group is responsible for providing ISO central secretariat with written report confirms the

accuracy of the final translations including agreement of  at least 5 P-members in the international technical committee that

preparing ISO standards .

•    The Arabic translation management group  confirm that the final translations have been delivered to the ISO central

Secretariat and in the electronic form of  ready copies  and not required any editorial review or even the minimum

interference from the ISO. In case, there are  any comments from  ISO central secretariat , the Translation Management

Group is responsible for reviewing these comments and re-send translations to the ISO, to take the necessary actions to

issue .

 The translations draft - prepared by the Arab Translation Management Group  - to be adopted in coordination with the arab

standardization bodies according to the regulations issued by the ISO, in this regard, and the Technical Secretariat to send

the final translation to ISO for approval and publication.

In case ,ISO approves on the document as a copy ready for publication copy official translation to be issued, and then posted

on ISO site to make them available to users where ISO Secretariat covers  these costs, and the sales of these documents

subject to the terms of the Copyrights of the ISO publication.

Membership in the Arabic translation group is open to all Arab members of the ISO Organization.

In order to achieve Arabic translation group its work effectively, cooperation is required among the members of the Arabic

translation group to accomplish the tasks assigned to them, according to the action plan approved by the Arab

standardization bodies and the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining, as well as the active participation

of members through a commitment to vote on all primary first and final translation drafts , and also participate in the annual

meetings of the group and work teams..

The plan of the Arab Translation Management Group 

the Arab Translation Management Group make a general plan for translating the ISO standards based on the needs of the

Arab standardization bodies and providing the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining with them for

inclusion in the Supreme Advisory Committee for Standardization meetings documents.

The Arabic Translation Management Group convener informs the Secretariat of (ISO / TMB)with the plan, setting the

standards proposed to translate and who is responsible for the translation and the time periods for implementation, at the

beginning of the month of December of each year, and that the Group convenor send an annual follow-up report to the ISO,

at the beginning of the month of January of each year .

 The stages of the Arabic translations  for ISO standards Preparation shall be determined as follows:

-  Preparing The first initial draft of the translation (3 months)

- Distribution to the Arab countries to study and make comments (15 days)

- commenting  on the first draft of the translation (two months)

- Preparing the final translation according to the received  comments r (two months)

  - The final adoption for translation  through (voting) of the Arab Standardization bodies (month)

  - Processing standards electronically in accordance with the requirements of the ISO to be sent to ISO for publication

(15 days).